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How To & Learning

"How To" and Informational Cycling Videos

Wondering how to change gear on a road bike or how to set up your MTB suspension?

We've collected videos from Liv Cycling, GCN, GMBN, and GCN-Tech to give you the best and clearest information on a variety of basic cycling topics.

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How to Change a Tire on Your Road Bike

How to Use a Quick Release Skewer

How to Find the Right Saddle Height on Your Road Bike

How to Change Gear on Your Bike: Road Bike Shifting Made Easy

Five Minute Simple Gear Tune-up Road Bike

Five Minute Rim Brake Tune-up Road

How to Fix a Flat Tire Trailside MTB

How to Set Up Your MTB Suspension

How to Check Your Mountain Bike Before You Ride

GMBN's Essential MTB Maintenance Tips